Using Drones for a Video Shoot

At this age, drones change videography in so many ways. It seems like more and more people are now using drones to capture quality videos. Before you get into the hype of using drones, you need to understand the benefits of aerial video shoots and how drone revolutionizes videography as a whole.

For so many years, the only way to take aerial video is to rent a helicopter and a licensed pilot for the shoot. After getting a helicopter, you need to communicate with the FAA and the local authorities about your flight plan. You need to ask for proper permits before you can take an aerial footage. Now, these are all gone. Now you can have a professional Miami video production company produce all of your footage needed using state of the art equipment including drones, editing software and knowledge of the best techniques for the most awesome footage!

Here are the benefits of using a drone for video shoots.

1. Price
Compared before when you need to hire a helicopter and a pilot, drone videography is cheaper. If you know how to fly a drone yourself and you are skilled in taking great footages, you can do the video shoot yourself. This can save you a lot of money which you can use for something else.

2. Full HD Quality
There are several drone models that are equipped with professional recording devices that are capable of taking HD quality videos. With drones, taking aerial videos with superb quality has become easier because it is easy to setup and use. Drones can capture images that are similar to the quality of a 4k camera. Better quality of videos is expected to come as important technologies such as the professional 3-axis stabilization systems are now being incorporated in the newer models of drone. This technology will allow the drone to swap out different cameras depending on the type of footage that needs to be filmed.

3. Video Application

Because the drones can produce great footages, the videos can be used in so many ways. The most common use of a drone is on the TV and film production. However, there are many other areas where drones can be extremely helpful. This includes real estate, property management and development, tourism, events organizing, and many engineering works.

On a side note, you can always check B4UFLY, a mobile app that you can use to find out if a particular area is a “no fly zone”. Make sure that the weather is cooperating before you fly a drone. If you don’t trust your flying skills yet, you can practice first in an open field free from obstructions like buildings, lake, trees, and even people.

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Where it is Appropriate to Fly your Drone in Los Angeles

Because Los Angeles has a lot of airports, finding best places to fly a drone concerns a lot of hobbyists. It is very frustrating for a drone pilot to know that some of the best scenic spots perfect for aerial views are being restricted. The Federal Aviation Administration issued guideline which states that a drone flyer needs to ask permission from the airport control tower if they are going to fly their copters five miles from an airport.

The said guidelines also state that you may be allowed to fly within the restricted five-mile radius from the airport. However, flying will have height restrictions.  The closer you are, the lower your height altitude ceiling will become. Example, within 1.5 miles, you can only fly your drone to a maximum of 35-foot altitude ceiling. At five miles, the restriction goes to 400 feet. With this in mind, take note that most touristy areas in Los Angeles are within the five-mile restriction from LAX. It includes Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach and the University of California.

Other places to avoid flying a copter are the areas covered by the National Park. This includes the entire Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation lands. Also included in this territory are: Malibu Beach, Topanga State Park, Zuma Beach Country Park, Pepperdine University-Malibu Campus, among others. There are no formal restrictions about flying drone near military facilities. But just to be safe, avoid these places altogether. Military installations are scattered throughout South California.  Be sure not to fly your drone in Seal Beach as it is near a military base. You do not want to get arrested because you were flying your drone in zones that are not permitted. You’ll most definitely wind up in the news.

So where can you legally fly your expensive hovering camera? The basic FAA rule in all cities in the United States is as follows: the unmanned system should be less than 55 pounds, maximum altitude is 500 feet, speed less than 100 mph and should be within the sight of an operator on daytime.

To give you an idea of where to safely fly your drone in Los Angeles, has filmed the entire city and identified the places that are restricted and areas that are drone fly zones. In their website, you can see that places like Fernando Valley and Pasadena are free from restrictions.

You can capture great coastal views of the Huntington Beach, areas in Newport and the Santa Monica Pier. Most parts of the coastal highway are drone friendly zones, except those near military camps like the Ventura County and Camp Pendleton. Another place that is appropriate to fly your drone in Los Angeles is the Hollywood Hills where you can get a dramatic aerial view of a favorite tourist attraction.


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The Morality Of Drone In Warfare

Some people claim that the usage of Drone technology in warfare is not moral. On the other hand, there are actually many advantages for the expanded utilization of drones. Voyage rockets, military aircraft, and planes conflict with settled targets, for example, adversary strengths or establishments. They are not as helpful, in any case, in today’s wars that are battled against agitators and psychological oppressors. Drones can dillydally and keep up an unblinking gaze over a picked zone for hours. Thanks to the drone’s capacity to watch and hold up, its administrator, regularly a huge number of miles away, can quietly pick the best minute to flame its rockets.

Understanding the Morality of Drone in Warfare

This builds the odds of progress while limiting inadvertent blow-back to regular folks. Thus, drones are generally more moral than different weapons frameworks since they can be more discriminant. The one of a kind capacities of drones is obvious in their operational adaptability. While there is acritical open reaction against American UAV utilization, the options of utilizing troops to battle the risk exuding out of fear based oppressor asylums in Pakistan or Yemen is practically incomprehensible. Elective choices would bring about more unintended setbacks because of theabsence of exactness.

With questionable nearby security compels, an American ground assault would be considerably more expensive in human, military, and political terms than utilizing drones. Unmanned strikes are America’s minimum most exceedingly awful alternative for seeking after psychological oppressors as far as cost and hazard to American military individual. Furthermore, an investigation of procurement and working expenses uncover that drones are more practical to get and work than any other aircraft. Drone innovation has progressed to a state of modernity that will probably give them an extraordinarily part in future wars. All presently utilized drones are portrayed by their staple parts in observation and surveillance operations. Moreover, stages like the Predator and Reaper have been furnished with accuracy guided weapons keeping in mind the end goal is to decrease the strike time between target acquisitions and strike endorsement.

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Realities Around Drone Technology

There is still a lot of issues revolving around the Drone technology. The advancement of drone innovation has been quick, with new improvements taking into consideration longer flight, heavier payloads, vertical departure from boats, and arrangement to more territories of the world. While the Predator MQ-1 and Predator B MQ-9 are the most utilized and conspicuous individuals from the drone armada and have done most observation missions and assaults, new stages are being conveyed. Moral inquiries in regards to current drone utilization are diverting us from a comprehension of the criticalness and future ramifications of drones.

Basic Issues around Drone Technology

Keeping in mind the end goal to perceive the developing key system of the innovation, we have to isolate the stage from hindrances, for example, mental and moral concerns. The present level headed discussion keeps an unmistakable comprehension of the innovation’s potential with respect to American authority. It occupies the organization and Congress from how drones can coordinate into key arranging past counterterrorism operations.While the organization is centered around standardizing a drone strike playbook, drone improvement is far outpacing endeavors at formalization. The military is as of now tending to the future part of UAVs, which may make any continuous endeavor to systematize drone utilization as outdated soon.

Hence the playbook for the strategic utilization of drones and also general society open deliberation will soon get to be distinctly unimportant as drones go up against their own vital system. Keeping in mind the end goal is to grasp the outlook change of the UAV part inside military constraint structure, it is best to adjust policymaking and acknowledge the innovation in breaking from conventional understandings of fighting. Drone is a major thing that would change the way nations handle war, as well as a wide range of other things. This is why it should be treated carefully.

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