Using Drones for a Video Shoot

At this age, drones change videography in so many ways. It seems like more and more people are now using drones to capture quality videos. Before you get into the hype of using drones, you need to understand the benefits of aerial video shoots and how drone revolutionizes videography as a whole.

For so many years, the only way to take aerial video is to rent a helicopter and a licensed pilot for the shoot. After getting a helicopter, you need to communicate with the FAA and the local authorities about your flight plan. You need to ask for proper permits before you can take an aerial footage. Now, these are all gone. Now you can have a professional Miami video production company produce all of your footage needed using state of the art equipment including drones, editing software and knowledge of the best techniques for the most awesome footage!

Here are the benefits of using a drone for video shoots.

1. Price
Compared before when you need to hire a helicopter and a pilot, drone videography is cheaper. If you know how to fly a drone yourself and you are skilled in taking great footages, you can do the video shoot yourself. This can save you a lot of money which you can use for something else.

2. Full HD Quality
There are several drone models that are equipped with professional recording devices that are capable of taking HD quality videos. With drones, taking aerial videos with superb quality has become easier because it is easy to setup and use. Drones can capture images that are similar to the quality of a 4k camera. Better quality of videos is expected to come as important technologies such as the professional 3-axis stabilization systems are now being incorporated in the newer models of drone. This technology will allow the drone to swap out different cameras depending on the type of footage that needs to be filmed.

3. Video Application

Because the drones can produce great footages, the videos can be used in so many ways. The most common use of a drone is on the TV and film production. However, there are many other areas where drones can be extremely helpful. This includes real estate, property management and development, tourism, events organizing, and many engineering works.

On a side note, you can always check B4UFLY, a mobile app that you can use to find out if a particular area is a “no fly zone”. Make sure that the weather is cooperating before you fly a drone. If you don’t trust your flying skills yet, you can practice first in an open field free from obstructions like buildings, lake, trees, and even people.

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